How To Create Instagram Feed


When you want to showcase your Instagram feed to post or page, use Instagram feed shortcode that comes in Hongo. So, now, it is very easy to display your Instagram feed on your site with this shortcode.



StyleSelect different styles.
Access token Add access token.
TitleAdd title.
Tag name Add tag name. ( Old Version )
Sort feed data by Select to sorting data. ( Old Version )
ResolutionSelect resolution. ( Old Version )
No. of items to display Write number of items to be display on page.
No. of columnsSelect number of columns to be display on page.
LikesDisplay like if it is “on”.
CommentsDisplay comment if it is “on”.
Spacing between columns Select spacing option for columns.
AnimationSelect one for apply effect on blog list.
Animation delay Add time for delay the animation to start.
Animation duration Add time for complete the animation.


Title colorAdd color for title.
Title background colorAdd color for title background.
Icon colorAdd color for icon.
Counter text colorAdd color for counter text.
Counter background colorAdd color for counter background.

Slider Configuration

Slides per view in desktop Select number to view slides in desktop.
Slides per view in mini desktop Select number to view slides in mini desktop.
Slides per view in tablet Select number to view slides in tablet.
Slides per view in mobile Select number to view slides in mobile.
LoopClick “on” to continue slides.
Auto play Click “on” to auto play slider.
Delay time Enter delay time for start the next slide.
PaginationClick “on” to add pagination.
Pagination style Select style for pagination.
Pagination color Select color for pagination.
Active pagination color Select color for active pagination.
Cursor color style Select cursor style.