How To Showcase Timer To Any Page


If you want to add a countdown in WordPress theme, use this shortcode. This shortcode helps you to showcase important upcoming events, anniversaries, achievements, and other important moments. This article will help to set a countdown timer to any page. There are 3 styles to choose from.



StyleTo select styles in different formats.
Timer end date-time Enter end date in yyyy/mm/dd h:i:s format.
Days text Add text for days.
Hours text Add text for hours.
Minutes text Add text for minutes.
Seconds text Add text for seconds.
Animation Select one for apply effect on countdown timer.
Animation delay Add time for delay the animation to start.
Animation duration Add time for complete the animation.


SeparatorDisplay separator in heading if it is “on”.
Separator color Select color for separator.
Separator thickness Add thickness for separator in pixel.
Separator height Add height for separator in pixel.