How To Show Animated Static Data


When you want to add a numeric counter to your WordPress site, use Counter shortcode offered by Hongo theme. Basically, the counter shortcode can count up or down in numericals. You can also control speed, time, and styling of the text. You can choose counter styles from three different styles offered by Hongo.


Have a look at below for customization options.


Style Select different styles.
Icon/Image Display icon to be select if it is “on”.
Custom icon image Add custom image if it is “on”.
Custom image Add custom image.
Icon image maximum width Add width for custom icon image.
Font icon Select icon.
Counter number Add number for counter to be run.
Number postfixAdd postfix after number like 25+.
TitleAdd title for counter.
Counting duration Add time for complete the counter in millisecond like 1000ms.
Link on text Display link if it is “on”.
Link target Select link target.
Add link on Select link on.
Link / URL Add link or url.
Link hover color Add color for link hover.
Border Display border if it is “on”.
Animation Select one for apply effect on counter.
Animation duration Add time for complete the animation.
SeparatorDisplay separator if it is “on”.


This tab is specially for changing separator color. So, if you want to select color for separator, use this tab in counter shortcode.

Icon sizeSelect size for icon.
Icon colorAdd color for icon.
Icon hover colorSelect color for icon hover.
Separator colorSelect color for separator.
Box hover border thicknessAdd thickness for box hover border.
Box hover border colorAdd color for box hover border.