Do you want to display a text slider in your WordPress site? If yes then use this shortcode. With the help of this, you can display quotes, product information, customer testimonials, and other content beautifully. To modify its style, button settings, and slider configuration, see below table for more understanding.



StyleSelect different styles.


TitleAdd title.
SubtitleAdd subtitle.
ContentAdd content.
Button configuration Add title and URL for button.
Button one page navigationDisplay one page navigation for button if it is “on”.

Note: You can add more than one slides by “clone” or by click on “+”

Slider Configuration

Navigation Click “on” to add navigation.
Navigation color Add color for navigation.
Cursor color style Select style for cursor.
Transition speed Enter speed time for slide transition like 1000=1 second.
Auto play Click “on” to auto play slider.
Delay time Enter delay time for start the next slide.
LoopClick “on” to continue slides.


Content width in desktop Select content width for desktop.
Content width in mini desktop Select content width for mini desktop.
Content width in tablet Select content width for tablet.
Content width in mobile Select content width for mobile.