Accordion shortcode is a very simple plugin which adds a few shortcode to add accordion drop-downs to site pages. It blends seamlessly with your Hongo WordPress theme. In Hongo theme, we have five different styles for accordion.


Different Styles And Its Feature:


With General editing tab you can manage accordion slides by using different styles.

Manage Accordion Slides:

You can add more than one slides by “clone” or by click on “+”.

You can add title and content for each slide which is display in front page.

tick on “Active / default open slide?” to display slide as open – otherwise it is closed.

TitleAdd accordion title.
Active / default open slide?Check on for open accordion when content loaded.
ContentAdd accordion content.

If you want to add more accordion slides, click on “+” sign.


In this editing tab, you can customize accordion slides by changing font color, icon color, title background, and much more. To know more about customize options, look at the table below.

Box shadowCheck on for Box shadow for accordion.
Icon colorColor of accordion icon.
Active icon colorColor of active accordion icon.
Title background colorColor of accordion title background.
Content background colorColor of accordion content background.
Border colorColor of accordion border.
Content left border colorColor of accordion content left border.