How To Quote With Blockquote


Everyone like to add blockquotes to their WordPress site because it supports web content. In simple term, blockquote is a large section of text from another source which looks different from the rest of the content. Among all content paragraph its stands out because of its HTML element.

Hongo theme has three different styles of blockquote shortcode. Blockquotes are the great way to use other sources of information to prove your point. So, to style blockquote in WordPress and Hongo theme, read below feature information.



StyleSelect different styles.
Author Here you can add author name.
ContentAdd content.
Icon / image Display icon to be select if it is “on”.
Custom icon image Add custom image if it is “on”.
Custom image Add custom image.
Icon image maximum width Add width for custom icon image.
Font icon Select the most suitable font icon.


Separator thickness Add separator thickness in pixel.
Separator color Add color for separator.
Icon size Select icon size.
Icon color Color for icon.