How To Create Team Member Image Sliders


If you want to showcase team member images, name, designation, and other details then use this shortcode. There are four different styles of team member slider in Hongo. You can also add social navigation links to image slider. Hongo team member slider shortcode is simple, flexible, and powerful.


To know more about its customization features, look at tables below that depict different options of team member slider shortcode.


To select different style, navigate to general tab and choose one from four styles. There are four different format of team member image slider.


Social sortingMove icons to set sorting.
Slides– Can add more than one slides by “clone” or by click on “+”
– Add Image
– Select Image thumbnail size
– Add Name
– Add Designation / Content
– Add Name link target
– Add Name Link / URL & Add Social Links
– Add Custom icons code

Slider Configuration

PaginationClick “on” to add pagination.
Pagination style Select style for pagination.
Pagination color Select color for pagination.
Active pagination color Select color for active pagination.
Cursor color style Select style for cursor.
Transition speed Enter speed time for slide transition like 1000=1 second.
Auto play Click “on” to auto play slider.
Delay time Enter delay time for start the next slide.
Loop Click “on” to continue slides.
Space between slides Add gap between two slides in pixel.
Slides per view in desktop Select number to view slides in desktop.
Slides per view in mini desktop Select number to view slides in mini desktop.
Slides per view in tablet Select number to view slides in tablet.
Slides per view in mobile Select number to view slides in mobile.


Box content background color Select color for box content background.
Box hover background color Select color for box hover background.
Social icon size Select size for social icon.
Social icon color Select color for social icon.
Icon hover color Select color for icon hover.
Box hover gradient background color Select color for box hover gradient background.
SeparatorDisplay separator if it is “on”.
Separator color Select color for separator.
Separator thickness Add thickness for separator in pixel.

With these amazing features, create an excellent team member image sliders.