When you want to display a specific content in a widget on in the content, use content block shortcode. You can add content as well as images. There are two content block shortcode styles to choose from. So, content block shortcode is easiest way to embed content blocks within posts or pages. Have a look at below tables for customization options.



StyleTo select styles in different formats.
TitleAdd title for box.
Link on box Display link on box if it is “on”.
Box Link / URL Add link or URL for box.
Box link target Select box link target.
Content Add content for box.
Image Add image.
Image thumbnail size Select size for image thumbnail.
Logo Add logo.
Logo thumbnail size Select size for logo thumbnail.
Offer text Add text for offer.
Separator Display separator if it is “on”.


Box background color Select color for box background.
Separator color Select color for separator.
Separator thickness Add separator thickness in pixel.
Offer text border color Select color for offer text border.