How To Link All Social Media Accounts


Social icon shortcode is the most easiest way to showcase and link your all social accounts via widgets. This shortcode is easy to customize look and design. You can also choose one from more than 14+ styles. Check out its customization features that are describe in tables.



StyleTo select styles in different formats.
Social icon order Move icons to set ordering.
Custom icons code Add custom code for icons.
Animation Select one for apply effect on blog list.
Animation duration Add time for complete the animation.


Link target Select link target.
Space between icons Add space in pixel between two icons.
Icon size Select size for icon.
Icon color Select color for icon.
Icon hover color Select color for icon hover.
Border hover color Select color for border hover.
Icon background color Select color for icon background.
Text case Select text case.
Use additional font for label Use additional font from WordPress customizer if it is “on”.
Text color Select color for text.
Border color Select color for border.
Icon background hover color Select color for icon background hover.
Separator color Select color for separator.