Customise Button Typography For Element


Buttons are useful on a site because you can use them in many ways to link page into website. They also open another page on your site and can boost your conversion. So, this button typography feature allows you to manage size, styles, and color of button. To know more about button typography, see below image and table.

StyleChoose from different available styles.
SizeSelect different button size.
Text color Add text color.
Text hover color Add text hover color.
Background color Add background color.
Background hover color Add background hover color.
Border color Add border color.
Border hover color Add border hover color.
Icon color Add icon color.
Icon hover color Add icon hover color.
Font size Manage font size.
Line height Manage line height.
Letter spacing Manage letter spacing.
Text transform Manage text transform.
Font weight Manage font weight.
Text decoration Manage text decoration.
Border radius Manage border radius.
Border thickness Handle border thickness.