How To Add Multiple User Testimonials


When you want to showcase current customers feedback or review, use this shortcode. Because this is an effective way to build trust which will increase company’s reputation. You can use three different styles of testimonial in web page. See below table to know more about customization options.



StyleSelect different styles.
ImageAdd image in square shape.
Image thumbnail size Select style for image thumbnail.
Round image Display image in round if it is “on”.
Name Add name.
Designation Add designation.
Content Add content.
Quote icon Display quote icon if it is “on”.


Box background color Add color for box background.
Separator color Add color for separator.
Icon color Add color for icon.
Content width in desktop Select content width for desktop.
Content width in mini desktop Select content width for mini desktop.
Content width in tablet Select content width for tablet.
Content width in mobileSelect content width for mobile.