How To Manage Shopping Item Sliders


Adding an item slider on your WordPress site can be beneficial in many ways. This is the best way to showcase the WooCommerce products of your online store in a beautiful way. With the help of this shortcode, you will have a higher product engagement ratio with the customers. Therefore, item sliders can play an essential role in sales boosting. To know more about product slider and its customization options, see below table.



StyleSelect different styles.
Full screen Display slider in full screen if it is “on”.
Custom height in desktop Add custom height for desktop in pixel.
Custom height in mini desktop Add custom height for mini desktop in pixel.
Custom height in tablet Add custom height for tablet in pixel.
Custom height in mobile Add custom height for tablet in pixel.
SocialDisplay social icons if it is “on”.


ImageAdd image.
Image thumbnail size Select size for image thumbnail.
Brand image Add image.
Brand image thumbnail size Select size for brand image thumbnail.
TitleAdd title.
Subtitle Add subtitle.
Content Add content.
Regular price Add regular price.
Sale price Add sale price.
Bottom title Add title for bottom.
Button configuration Add title and URL for button.
Button icon Display button icon if it is “on”.
Custom icon image Click “on” to display custom image.
Custom image Add custom image.
Icon image maximum width Add maximum width for icon image in pixel.
Icon size Select size for icon.
Icon position Select position for icon.
Font icon Select font icon.
Box background color Add color for box background.
Content position Select position for content.
Content alignment Select alignment for content.

Note: You can add more than one slides by “clone” or by click on +

Slider Configuration

Slide direction Select direction for slide.
Transition style Select style for transition.
PaginationClick “on” to add pagination.
Pagination style Select style for pagination.
Pagination color Select color for pagination.
Active pagination color Select color for active pagination.
Navigation Click “on” to add navigation.
Navigation style Select style for navigation.
Navigation color Add color for navigation.
Cursor color style Select style for cursor.
Transition speedEnter speed time for slide transition like 1000=1 second.
Auto play Click “on” to auto play slider.
Delay time Enter delay time for start the next slide.
Loop Click “on” to continue slides.
Touch move Touch move mode is on for slider if it is “on”.


OverlayDisplay overlay if it is “on”.
Overlay color Add color for overlay.
Overlay opacity Select opacity for overlay.
Z-index Add Z-index.


Content width in desktop Select content width in desktop.
Content width in mini desktop Select content width in mini desktop.
Content width in tablet Select content width in tablet.
Content width in mobile Select content width in mobile.