How to remove predefined thumbnail sizes

You can remove predefined thumbnail sizes. So, to remove such sizes in Hongo theme, make sure you copy below custom code in your child theme functions.php file or parent theme functions.php file. In this code we have remove all image sizes that are registered with Hongo theme. However, you can remove some particular image size as per your needs.

if ( ! function_exists( 'hongo_child_remove_predefined_thumbnail_size' ) ) {
	function hongo_child_remove_predefined_thumbnail_size() {
		// Only remove sizes are keep here and remove others.
		remove_image_size( 'hongo-product-icon-image' ); // 64 x 64 image size
		remove_image_size( 'hongo-product-small-image' ); // 84 x auto image size
		remove_image_size( 'hongo-popular-posts-thumb' ); // 200 x auto image size
		remove_image_size( 'hongo-medium-image' ); // 450 x auto image size
		remove_image_size( 'hongo-shop-image' );  // 600 x 765 image size
		remove_image_size( 'post-thumbnail' ); // 1200 x 790 image size
add_action( 'wp', 'hongo_child_remove_predefined_thumbnail_size' );

Note : We recommend this code with child theme to prevent from your present customization code when parent theme updates.