We would like to thank you for choosing Hongo WordPress theme and we are very happy to fulfil your needs with Hongo. We always love to help our awesome customers as well as listen them to make our products more and more better. You can search our documentation, knowledge base. You can also take help by watching our online video tutorials. Hongo is complete WordPress theme, so we assume that you have already installed latest version of WordPress.

To start working with Hongo, you must have the latest WordPress version installed to use Hongo theme. If you are unaware, follow below instruction of WordPress Codex to install WordPress and get started with it!

Installing WordPress – Easy process to install WordPress

First Steps With WordPress – Step-by-step tour through your WordPress site and see how the different functions work

WordPress FAQ – General FAQ about WordPress functions and topics

Finding WordPress Help – WordPress help is never hard to find

New To WordPress (Where to Start?) – Step-by-step plan for getting started