Create And Configure Promo / Newsletter Popup

Create Promo / Newsletter Popup

All Promo popup manage by section builder you can easily create newsletter popup by section builder post type for that Go to admin panel > Section builder > Add new > Add content single image, section heading, newsletter popup, etc. as per your requirement.

After that navigate to Hongo Section Builder Settings and select section type as “Promo Popup” for promo popup section.

Promo Popup Settings

General settings

Display popup after Select display Popup after some time or user page scroll.
Delay timeWhen page load that time show popup after inserted time (in milliseconds).
Scroll pixelsNumber of pixels to scroll down page popup will show.
Re-open popup after (in days) Reopen popup when one time close promo popup in particular device.
Note: By default popup will display again after 7 days
Display in mobile Display promo popup in mobile or not.

Configure Promo / Newsletter Popup

Go to admin panel > Appearance > Customize > General Theme Options > Promo Popup > Select Promo popup section which you have created or imported.