Blog Listing And Single Post Title And Breadcrumb Setup

To setup blog page/post title and breadcrumb, you need to follow below steps

Step 1: Navigate to Admin dashboard > customize > Title Wrapper > Default Posts/Blog Home > Style.

Title style and data

TitleTitle on/off settings for blog page title.
Container style Select container style for blog page title.
StyleSelect style for blog page title.
Title text case Select title text case.
Subtitle Add subtitle.
Subtitle text case Select subtitle text case.
Background image Add background image.
Thumbnail size Select background thumbnail size.
Parallax effect Select parallax ratio for title.
OpacitySelect opacity.
Note: opacity works only when added background image
Opacity color Select opacity color.
BreadcrumbBreadcrumb on/off setting.
Breadcrumb position Select breadcrumb position.
BorderBorder on/off setting.
Add top space of header height Select Yes then title content add top space of header.
After header Select On then content start after header.
Top space (In pixel) Add top space in title.
Bottom space (In pixel) Add bottom space in title.

Title font and color

Title font size Add title font size.
Title line height Add title line height.
Title letter spacing Add title letter spacing.
Title font weight Add title font weight.
Subtitle font size Add subtitle font size.
Subtitle line height Add subtitle line height.
Subtitle letter spacing Add subtitle letter spacing.
Subtitle font weight Add subtitle font weight.
Breadcrumb font size Add breadcrumb font size.
Breadcrumb line height Add breadcrumb line height.
Background Add background.
Title text Add title text.
Subtitle text Add subtitle text.
Breadcrumb text Add breadcrumb text.
Breadcrumb text hover Add breadcrumb text hover.
Border color Add border color.

Single post Title and Breadcrumb

To setup all single post title and breadcrumb first navigate to Admin dashboard > customize > Title Wrapper > Post Single.

Single Post Title and Breadcrumb individually for single post

You can also manage post title and breadcrumbs settings from Hongo post settings for particular post.