500 Internal Server Error

Are you experiencing 500 internal server error in WordPress? Internal server error is one of the most common WordPress errors. However, this error does not give any clue or hint or information, many beginners find it quite frustrating. If you have been surfing web, you must have encountered a 500 internal server error. This error is not confined to WordPress. To know more about such errors, continue to read on this article.

To classify 500 internal server error, there are main five reasons behind these error in WordPress.

  • Incorrect web server configuration
  • Incorrect folder/file permissions
  • Corrupt files or files that contain errors in code
  • PHP memory limits set too low
  • Conflicting third party plugins

Incorrect web server configuration

When your web server is configured with incorrect directives, it will cause 500 internal server error. The main problem is web hosting support that you may have installed without checking their error chain logs.

Incorrect folder/file permissions

When you have set internal server permissions either too loose or too strict then it will cause incorrect folder or incorrect file permissions.

Corrupt files or files that contain errors in code

This is the most common error produced by a file to the WordPress. It occurs when you would do improper file transfers and find error while file transfer process. Sometimes coding error also creates corrupt file errors.

PHP memory limits set too low

To resolve this error, you first need to contact your web hosting provider for asking increase your PHP limits. You can also upload Hongo theme via an FTP client to prevent this error.

Conflicting third party plugins

If you experiencing the 500 error on the back end and the front end admin area then you have to access your site through an FTP client. You can also use a little trick by changing your /wp-content/plugins folder to something else temporarily like “plugins.bak.” By this way, WordPress will ignore your plugins.

To stop 500 internal server error, it is always recommended PHP configuration limits as follows:

  • Maximum file upload size (upload_max_filesize) 40M
  • Maximum PHP post size (post_max_size) 128M
  • Max input time (max_execution_time) 180 (This needs to be increased if your server is slow and cannot import data.)
  • PHP memory limit (memory_limit) 256M
  • PHP max input variable (max_input_vars) 2000

Tip: You can also check PHP configuration settings from Dashboard > Tools > Site Health > Info > Server. You can also contact your hosting provider for more information.